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Michael Gross:
The noughties brought to book
Book reviews 2000-2009.
Prose and Passion Jan 2010;
pp. 153, ISBN: 978-1-4452-7240-5,
£ 19.99

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Table of contents

I. Long essay reviews

  • Technology of our time
     Nanotechnology – M. Köhler, W. Fritzsche

  • A big book of small technology
     Springer handbook of nanotechnology – Bharat Bhushan (ed.)

  • Perfectly formed
     Nanochemistry – Geoffrey A. Ozin, André C. Arsenault

  • Heady metals
     Neurodegenerative diseases and metal ions – A. Sigel et al. (eds.)

  • Being Sage
     JD Bernal: The sage of science – Andrew Brown

  • Musical metaphor
     The music of life – Denis Noble

  • Fish tales
     When a gene makes you smell like a fish – Lisa Seachrist Chiu

  • Molecules in motion
     Middle world – Mark Haw

  • The world according to Bart
     What’s science ever done for us – Paul Halpern

  • Right answers for wrong questions
     10 questions science can’t answer (yet) – Michael Hanlon

  • Microbe hunters become the hunted
     Deadly companions – Dorothy H. Crawford

  • Celebrate our luck
     The drunkard’s walk – Leonard Mlodinow

  • Life’s enduring mystery
     Origin of life – Piet Herdewijn, M. Volkan Kisakürek (eds.)

  • For better, for worse
     The alchemy of air – Thomas Hager

  • Reasons for asymmetry
     The origin of chirality in the molecules of life – Albert Guijarro, Miguel Yus

  • Teaching DNA new tricks
     Aptamers in bioanalysis – Marco Mascini (ed.)

  • Psychic papers
     Plastic fantastic – Eugenie Samuel Reich

  • Going solar
     The solar century – Jeremy Leggett (ed.)

  • Little giants
     Giant molecules – Walter Gratzer

II. Short reviews

  • Sinful thoughts
     The genetic inferno – John Medina

  • Back to basics
     Basic biotechnology – Colin Ratledge and Bjørn Kristiansen (eds.)

  • Entertaining tales
     Stories of the invisible – Philip Ball

  • Happily ever after
     Girls, genes and Gamow – James D Watson

  • Transforming bioenergetics
     Wandering in the gardens of the mind – John Prebble, Bruce Weber

  • Small is beautiful
     Lab-on-a-chip – R.E. Oosterbroek and A. van den Berg (eds.)

  • Analysing with proteins
     Protein microarray technology – Dev Kambhampati (ed.)

  • Missing out on interdisciplinarity
     Nanoparticles – Günter Schmid (ed.)

  • “Where is Waldo?” goes nano
     Bionanotechnology – David S. Goodsell

  • In praise of blue skies
     Pioneering research – Donald W Braben

  • Catalysis uncovered
     Concepts of modern catalysis and kinetics – I. Chorkendorff, J.W. Niemantsverdriet

  • Guide for the inexperienced
     Guide to analysis of DNA microarray data – Steen Knudsen

  • The mature ribosome
     Protein synthesis and ribosome structure – K.H.Nierhaus, D.N.Wilson (eds.)

  • Nano A-Z
     What is what in the nanoworld – Victor E. Borisenko, Stefano Ossicini

  • Soft landing
     Soft machines – Richard A. L. Jones

  • Nanotech for students
     Nanoscale science and technology – R. Kelsall et al. (eds.)

  • Cool Science
     Cryogenic engineering – Thomas M. Flynn

  • Chemistry in all its beauty
     Elegant solutions – Philip Ball

  • Biochemistry rediscovered
     Chemical biology – Herbert Waldmann, Petra Janning

  • Haber revisited
     Between genius and genocide – Daniel Charles

  • Small wonders
     Nanofabrication towards biomedical applications – C. Kumar et al. (eds.)

  • The Borrowers
     Biocatalysts and enzyme technology – K. Buchholz et al.

  • The big picture
     Systems biology in practice – Edda Klipp et al.

  • Nanotechnology sliced
     Nanotubes and nanowires – CNR Rao, A Govindaraj

  • Nano future
     The nanotech pioneers – Steven A. Edwards

  • Beyond evolution
     Engineering the genetic code – Nediljko Budisa

  • Speeding things up
     Metal catalysis in industrial organic processes – G. P. Chiusoli, P. M. Maitlis (eds.)

  • Size matters
     Nanoscopic materials – Emil Roduner

  • Not a mirror image
     Asymmetric synthesis – M. Christmann, S. Bräse (eds.)

  • Science goes bonkers
     Bonk – Mary Roach

  • A plodding life
     Max Perutz and the secret of life – Georgina Ferry

  • Digital takeover
     The chemistry of photography – David Rogers

  • Put another nickel in
     Nickel and its surprising impact in nature – A. Sigel et al. (eds.)

  • Nature’s chemistry kit
     The ubiquitous roles of cytochrome P450 proteins – A. Sigel et al. (eds.)

  • Genome FAQs
     A short guide to the human genome – Stewart Scherer

  • Shrouded in mystery
     Titan unveiled – Ralph Lorenz and Jacqueline Mitton

  • Why music doesn’t add up
     How equal temperament ruined harmony – Ross W. Duffin

  • Silly questions
     Can cows walk down stairs? / Do cats have bellybuttons? – Paul Heiney (ed.)

  • Balancing biological resources
     Biocatalysis and bioenergy – Ching T. Hou, Jei-Fu Shaw (eds.)

  • Every spin-out tells a story
     Spin-outs – Graham Richards

  • Collision course
     Collider – Paul Halpern

III. Literary reviews

  • Measuring the World
     Die Vermessung der Welt – Daniel Kehlmann

  • The artist inside
     El cristo feo – Alicia Yanez Cossio

  • Going loco
     El pergamino de la seduccion – Gioconda Belli

  • Culture clash
     K – the art of love – Hong Ying

  • It’s quite a tale, but I’m kind of detached from it
     Daughter of the river – Hong Ying

  • Elective affinities updated
     Seduce me – Megan Clark

  • Beware of orange trees
     La mujer habitada – Gioconda Belli

  • Renaissance Man
     The mercurial emperor –Peter Marshall

  • Seeing the funny side of failure
     Verre Cassé – Alain Mabanckou

  • Every picture tells a story
     Luna cornata – Elvira Vargañón

  • Exploring Bohemia
     Among the Bohemians – Virginia Nicholson

  • Public enemy
     Ulrike Meinhof – Jutta Ditfurth

  • Intimate adventures of a scientist
     The intimate adventures of a London call girl – Belle de Jour

  • Orient meets Occident
     The enchantress of Florence – Salman Rushdie



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