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Michael Gross:
The noughties brought to book
Book reviews 2000-2009.
Prose and Passion Jan 2010;
pp. 153, ISBN: 978-1-4452-7240-5,
£ 19.99

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Why music doesn’t add up, what The Simpsons can teach us about science, whether Juana la Loca wasn’t crazy after all, and what’s behind the gaseous veil of Saturn’s moon Titan – these are just some of the questions addressed in the more than 70 reviews and essay reviews from the years 2000 to 2009 collected in this volume. They cover books about science, ranging from the academic to the popularized kind, but there are also books about cultural topics and even a few novels scattered in for good measure. Most of these books reviewed haven’t found a massive amount of attention, although some of them should have, at least in the reviewer’s opinion. And even if the book under review wasn’t all that good, the format of an essay review allows the author to have a go at presenting the subject matter his own way. All in all, a reflection of what happened during the noughties in the worlds of science and culture, and off the beaten track.



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