Why Shakira ?

Ten reasons why Shakira rocks my world:

(In no particular order)

  • because she has a voice like a goat bleating ... according to a music teacher who excluded her from the school choir. Truth is, in a choir you want smooth voices which sound all the same, and hers does sound different, it has a unique character. So that poor teacher had a point but made an immortal fool of himself by insulting the girl set to become his country's biggest ever star.

  • because she can surprise us every time. Back in August 2002 I didn't really like "Objection" that much, but then I saw her performance of this title at the Video Music Awards, in the version now known as the Afro Punk version and was totally blown away. Nearly every piece in the Mongoose tour program made me rediscover new aspects of the songs I thought I knew by heart.

  • because if you have never seen her perform you haven't lived. And I mean it. This experience is like nothing else in the universe. It's the one thing I cannot describe in words.

  • because she is a multicultural "cocktail" (her own description).

  • because she wears torn jeans (like me, but she looks better in them).

  • because she has a way with words and has overcome the obstacle of writing in a foreign language (like me, but her honorarium per word is a bit higher than mine).

  • because no matter what she does to her hair she still looks splendid. When Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote an article about her, he suggested she will probably dye it green next week but I'm still waiting for this to happen.

  • because she can write songs, sing and dance and play a few instruments (while some people have become extremely rich and famous on the assumption that an extra dose of ambition can replace any or all of these talents)

  • because she has the nicest fans in the world :) By now I know that if the Shakira forums go humming with excitement over a new artist, I can buy the record blindly, and I will (at least) like it.

  • because she speaks out for peace and social justice. She may be a bit naive, but hey, the cynical old men have had their say, so now they can listen to the naive little girls too.

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