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This page is about Shakira's music and what it means to me on a very personal level. It is not a comprehensive fan resource and I will only update it when I have new Shakira-related personal experiences to share. All texts shown here are my own. For more comprehensive and general web resources about Shakira follow the links below.

For more frequent Shakira-related musings, check the Shakira-labelled entries in my blog.

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Why Shakira?
Shakira and I (1999-2002)
London (16.12.2002)
Madrid (25.04.2003)
Madrid (22.06.2006)
Antwerpen (31.01.2007)
London (18.03.2007)
Köln (08.04.2007)
Oxford (7.12.2009)


It's all happening!

She Wolf album now available everywhere, Spanish album and world tour promised for 2010 !

My favourite video of the new album:



Apologies for any broken amazon links below -- Amazon changed the associates link system, which used to be very nice and simple, and I haven't yet figured out how the new system works (without having to download some widget or other for every single link I want to create!)


previous releases:

Just two new Shakira songs and one refurbished old one on this soundtrack, but it keeps us happy while we're waiting for the new album ...

Live at Miami, the Oral Fixation tour DVD + CD. Read my review here.


Shakira's other albums:

Oral Fixation Vol. 2, is the English half of the orally fixated double act. Back in the days of Laundry Service, I used to think that I prefer her Spanish songs to the English ones. OF2, however is just as good as Vol. 1, with the rockier sounds and the more political topics making up for the handicap of the "wrong" language. My favourite OF2 tracks include: How do you do (Why on Earth wasn't that the first single???), Costume makes the clown, Your embrace.

We've been waiting three years and a half for a new studio album, but Fijación Oral Vol. 1 is worth every minute of the wait. As always, it is full of surprises. My favourite tracks are the Shaketon remix, the acoustic version of La pared, and the Jazz number, Para obtener un si. Plus, the unforgettable "red dress" performance of "No" at Madrid has made that song another favourite. FO1 and OF2 are now also available in a single package, with a bonus DVD.

Live and off the record
Live DVD+CD pack -- absolutely breathtaking.

Grandes Exitos
A compilation of her greatest hits in Spanish.

Laundry Service / Washed and Dried

Expanded edition of LS including afro-punk version of Objection.

MTV Unplugged

Also available on DVD.

Laundry Service

The original LS -- but try to get the "Washed and Dried" instead.

Donde estan los ladrones?

Try to get the 13-track version including the single version of Ojos así.

The remixes

... of the PD singles. Only worth buying if you can get the 12-track version including Portuguese versions of 3 songs.

Pies descalzos

Still fantastic 10 years on!

... and of course we mustn't forget her juvenilia, Magia and Peligro. They never were and never will be released outside Latin America, but bootleg copies are circulating the fan community. Listening to them, I can see why Shakira would prefer to see them buried, but on the other hand ... to us who know her music so well it is really a special experience to be able to go back to where it all started. Amazingly, even on Magia, which she recorded at the age of 14, her voice is recognizable almost in every note. It's a bit like looking at baby photos of somebody whom you know well as an adult. She's grown up so much, but yet, there are so many intriguing similarities!


Fan sites:


I'm registered as "pensandoenti" in the following:



Shakira's foundation, Pies Descalzos:

... supports children in Colombia who would otherwise have no access to education.

People in the US (and Colombia) can donate directly through the website of the foundation, which has an English version and a US bank account. In the rest of the world, it is easier to go via conexion colombia which accepts credit cards over a secure server.





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