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Travels to the Nanoworld. Miniature Machinery in Nature and Technology
Hardback: Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA, May 1999,
ISBN 0-306-46008-4, $ 25.95 , 254 + xiii pp.
Paperback: Perseus Books January 2001, ISBN 0-738-20444-7, $ 16.00, 254 + xiii pp.


Reviews and Comments


Reviews of the English edition

appeared in :

  • Chemistry & Industry 6.12.1999, p. 934-935 (reviewer: Michael Ward, University of Bristol)

    "This volume provides a provocative, interesting, and feet-on-the-ground account of the development and possible future of nanotechnology."

  • Nature,11.11.1999 (reviewer: Philip Ball)

    "I was keen to read the book, because I imagined it would provide a choice selection of vignettes from the frontiers of chemical biology, and I was not disappointed."


Reviews of the German edition

appeared in :

  • Spektrum der Wissenschaft, July 1996 (reviewer: Herbert W. Franke, University of Munich)

    "An author who is an expert and also writes well: Michael Groß, freelance contributor to this magazine, has got a doctorate in chemistry and currently does research at the Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences in England ... ... The book by Michael Groß gives everybody the opportunity to make their own judgement [on nanotechnology]."

  • Biospektrum Vol. 3, Nr. 3, 1997, p. 62 (reviewer: Lothar Jaenicke, University of Köln)

    "Michael Groß, a protein biophysicist, whom readers of "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" will have noticed for his Latest News from the nanoworld of molecular biology and supramolecular chemistry written with verve, has sorted and compiled these always topical contributions in a convincing way, while also completing them. In an easily understandable manner, he introduces us to the nanoworld ... With all his high-flying enthusiasm, he is not becoming a slave of progress in an uncritical or extrapolative way, which makes the book even more convincing and worthwhile to read.

    The Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde preface already puts one into the proper mood for the amusing dialogue between expert and laypeople, and Dr Groß keeps the suspense and the curiosity through to the end of the outlook on the nanotechnolgy of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The whole book turned out really well, and it also shines with its clear and lay-accessible journalistic style and its dignified design as a present for all occasions."

  • DAAD letter -- Hochschule und Ausland, Nr. 2, June 1996 (reviewer: Lothar Jaenicke, University of Köln)

    "Michael Groß is a biophysical chemist, that is a metastable aggregate of several sciences ... The author has other gifts as well: He knows how to write. The words, images and examples are wisely chosen from current research, and thus he sends us on a journey into the dimensions of a cell."

  • Mikrokosmos Vol. 85, No. 6, 1996 (reviewer: Bruno P. Kremer, University of Köln)

    "... a rich collection of topics, very well presented and entertaining to read, with sidelights onto the scientific progress in the small worlds between milli- and nanometer, which also increasingly fascinates microscopists."

  • FACTS, 50/1995

  • TR Transfer 8 / 1996, p. 34

  • Die Welt, 22.3.1996

  • raum&zeit, 81/1996, p. 101


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