The last 300 years

On my desk, there are more than 100 pages worth of family history expressed in lists, tables and numbers, which are utterly meaningless for anybody who doesn't happen to be a member of the families concerned. However, I have now begun the process of distilling this material into a more readable form, a chronological story spanning more than 300 years.

In addition to drafts of this document, I also provide lists of the relevant names and places, such that fellow genealogists can easily check whether any of this information is relevant for their endeavours.

Finally, I may also find time to put some of the key documents online in case they might help somebody else's research. Note, however that the whole project is work in (slow) progress.

For the family history of my French cousins (Appourchaux family), click here.



Recent findings and developments

(new ones are added at the top)

a Jewish ancestor from Idstein was baptised in 1768 to become Karl Henrich Weyland.

the Kauer clan completes the extended family of my grandmother Ruth

Gastwirthschaft Ferd. Weirich at Hahnenbach near Kirn

greetings from Adamsweiler - a postcard with a picture showing 7 members of my family

lost cities series - 10 cities my ancestors used to live in between 1900 and 1970

string quartet at Elberfeld 1927 - still trying to identify the other musicians who played with our old cellist

site explorations at Wuppertal

a railway man Johann Friedrich Richard Groß (1852-1913)

moonlight sonata Frieda Nagel and her piano

Landschreiber Mohr an official at the court of Simmern.

Ireland's Easter Rising and the adventures of the Aud

More Huguenot ancestors - the Bouquet family, and a possible origin in the pays de l'Alloeu

History of the Fischbach copper mine

Fischbach (Nahe) and Markirch / Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (Alsace) as crossroads in the migration of miners across Europe

A huguenot connection? Turns out those Klundt people already had a migration background before they set off to move to the Black Sea ...

The valiant vicar Peter Siegel, who studied with Martin Luther and brought reformation to Kirn

The butcher, the baker, and other busy tradesmen in 17th century Kirn (Nahe)

How the Klundt Clan migrated from the Palatinate to the USA via the Black Sea

Brazilian relatives (we have lots of them, apparently!)

A Belgian in the family (17th century migration)

Stohlmann connections

Henrich Tüselmann

Is Dopheide = d'Oppède? A family drama in Provence

The Imig Clan

The Krefeld Clan -- including all known Düselmann (Düsselmann) people in the 19th century

Biography of an old 'cello

Origins of the de la Strada family

Siepmann family

The Fuchs and Enders family from Eckweiler



~ W A N T E D ~

Dead or alive -- well, they are probably dead, anyway. But any information on any of the following people would be greatly appreciated:

  • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Groß (Gross, Grohs)
    Born 1830 Breslau
    Married Rosina Faudner

  • Johann Mentzel (Menzel)
    Born 1795, died 1855 Bischdorf
    Married Johanna Pfeiffer (1800-1869

  • Johann Konrad Mohr
    Landschreiber at Simmern, died 1635 of the plague
    Son: Andreas Mohr, * around 1615

  • della Strada (alternative spellings: de la Strada, de Lastrata, Delastrater etc.), first name unkown
    Born around 1680 probably in Capri, Italy, came to Germany to work as a gardener at a castle, probably Schloß Oranienstein at Diez (Lahn).
    Married Anna Catharina NN
    Son: Joannes Baptista de Lastrata, married Anna Catharina Jacobs at Nievern (Lahn), 7.1.1727.

  • Leonardus Jacobs
    Born around 1680.
    Married Susanna NN
    Children: 1. Anna Catharina Jacobs born ca. 1705; 2. Elisabetha Jacobs born 18.12.1708 Nievern; 3. Joannes Jacobs, born 16.5.1711 Nievern.

  • Peter Wolf from Mülheim (Ruhr)
    Born around 1670.
    Married Elsgen NN
    Son: Thiel Wolffs, born 5.8.1699 Mülheim, married Anna Margaretha Röshof

  • Gerd Röshof from Mülheim (Ruhr)
    Born around 1670.
    Married Elsgen NN.
    Daughter Anna Margaretha Röshof, born 8.2.1704, married Thiel Wolffs.

  • Johann Zeutzheim from Horchheim near Koblenz.
    Born around 1705.
    Daughter: Maria Magdalena Zeutzheim born 1748, married Philipp de Lastrata 11.11.1765 at Horchheim.

  • Heinrich Düsselmann (alternative spellings: Düselmann Düselmann) from Bochum, Germany.
    Born around 1702, died 26.9.1770, 68 years old.
    Married Anna Siepmanns in 1730
    Children: Georg Wilhelm Düsselmann, baptised 30.4.1757 Dahlhausen.

  • Christoph Wilsberg
    Born ca. 1729 at Hamm, died 26./11.1781 Krefeld
    Married Anna Sibilla Wolffs 5.8.1764 at Mülheim (Ruhr)
    Children: Margaretha Wilsberg, born 30.6.1765 Krefeld, married Georg Wilhelm Düsselmann.


Maria Pfersching and Max Heinrich Groß

Maria Pfersching and Max Heinrich Groß


Karl Düsselmann, Elisabeth Imig

Karl Düsselmann, Elisabeth Imig







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