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Michael Gross:
Life on the Edge. Amazing Creatures Thriving in Extreme Environments
Hardback: Plenum, May 1998;
reprinted by Perseus Books August 1999, ISBN 0-306-45786-5, $ 25.95, 200 + xiii pp.
Paperback (with a new afterword): Perseus Books January 2001, ISBN 0-738-20445-5, $ 15.00, 210 + xiii pp.


News & Events:

Latest News:

  • November 2007: From now on, news relating to Life on the Edge can be easily retrieved from the blog:
    life-on-the-edge-labelled blog entries

  • August 2006: Expeditionen in die Wissenschaft, including a chapter from Exzentriker des Lebens, has been published by Wiley-VCH and is now available from

  • February 2006: One chapter of the German original, Exzentriker des Lebens, is due to be revived in an anthology later this year. Watch this space.

  • December 2005: Sadly, Life on the Edge has gone out of print this year. But despair not -- the "sequel" Astrobiology: a brief introduction is on track for release in May 2006. You can cast a glance at the fantastic cover design here. More details to follow soon. Meanwhile, the French edition of LOTE, La vie excentrique is still available.

  • January 2005: Kevin Plaxco and I have just completed a new book that covers a similar range of topics from a different perspective. Our Introduction to Astrobiology (tentative title!) uses Life on Earth, its origins through to its limits and extremes, as a case study to investigate the chances of finding life elsewhere in the Universe. The new book is due to appear in spring 2006.

  • October 2004: As of June 2004, Life on the Edge has sold over 5000 copies (hardback and paperback combined). The German original sold nearly 2500 before it went out of print.

  • Forthcoming events:

    • Nothing planned at the moment, but watch this space !

    Past events:

    • 07.12.2003 Interview with Véronique Receveur-Bréchot, translator of the French edition, on Europe-1. You may or may not be able to listen to it here.

    • 02.12.1999: Prof. K.O. Stetter talking about extremophiles at the Oxford University Biochemical Society -- a few copies of "Life on the Edge" were on display.

    • 26.02.1999: De La Beche Symposium, Imperial College, London.

    • Sat 30.05.1998, 17.00, Interview about "Life on the Edge" in Tomorrow's World Plus, UK Horizons channel (cable and satellite)

    • 23.03.1998: Presentation of Life on the Edge at the London International Book Fair with a wine reception at the Plenum stand.

    • 17.-19.02.1998: Readings at the bookshops Michaelis-Braun (Marburg) Knodt (Würzburg), and Lehmanns (Regensburg).

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