Gabi and Rolf Froböse; translated and edited by Michael Gross:
Lust and love: is it more than chemistry?
RSC publishing July 2006
Hardback: ISBN 0-85404-867-7
£ 24.95, € 35.60, $ 49.95, pp 169 + xii

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Philosophers have mused over them, poets have written about them and musicians have sung about them. Love, desire and passion will at some point touch everyone's life - yet they are little understood and some of the oldest mysteries of mankind. Why do people fall in love and what is love anyway? What makes people attractive? How do these emotions tie in with our physiology and how we have evolved?

Lust and Love: Is it more than Chemistry? provides answers to some of these questions through the eyes of science. It takes a light hearted and entertaining approach in explaining the current scientific knowledge of why people are attracted to each other, from the first moments of meeting to how emotions change in a long lasting partnership. The book covers research from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, physics and medicine while using the love story of a fictional couple to take the reader on a journey explaining the science. Additional topics on the 'tools of attraction', including the history of the lipstick, and the development of perfumes and aphrodisiacs, provide an absorbing insight into the subject. Medical treatments and conditions including contraception, erectile dysfunction and the climacteric phenomenon are also discussed.

This engaging and unusual book is ideal for anyone interested in the science behind love, desire and passion.


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