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last concert in Europe

Shakira at Koeln-Arena, Cologne, Germany, 8.4.2007

... bit late for my report, but I only came back from Germany this weekend.

Even after the fourth oral fixation concert I've seen, each single one feels very special, I spot new details every time, and I think one could spend one complete show watching Archie Pen~a :D

highlights and misc. observations this time include:

* Koeln Arena is fantastic, plus you can get there by train

* the DJ wasn't very good, even Cut Chemist was more entertaining than that.

* I saw her parents before the show, for the first time ! (I was ~7 rows from the stage and 1m left of the walkway, so i could see them very clearly, and they were waving to us before they sat down.

* the crowd was very mixed and lots of people were even older than me -- I felt like I was surrounded by the teachers of the local high schools rather than the pupils :)

* considering this age profile, the response was OK, but nothing to write home about.

* Shakira announced the concert to be officially the last one in Europe (of this tour, I hope), and did say a few words in German, struggling with the Umlaute: "Guten Abend Koln", "Es lebe Deutschland"

* musical chairs introduction game was back, plus Tim and Brendan reciprocated by introducing her to us :)

* Brendan and Archie brought an extra supply of drumsticks, and even I caught one of Archie's. It's beautiful and it has his name printed on it.

2007-04-16 16:03:31 GMT

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