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shakira at wembley

Shakira at Wembley Arena, 18.3.2007

London was brilliant this time, the crowd was much better than Dec. 2002 (see http://www.geocities.com/michaelgrr/shakira/wembley.html ), I don't know what happened. Maybe by now there are so many Colombian refugees in the UK that they can fill Wembley Arena ??? The place was packed to capacity, and most people responded to the Spanish material as well, unlike last time. Come to think of it, this is unique: I cannot think of any other artist presenting a progam 2/3 in Spanish who can fill Wembley Arena and bring it to boil. Not one. So well done.

Setlist was unchanged compared to the last weeks, still no Hey You. (See http://www.geocities.com/michaelgrr/blog/index.html/156 for the previous concert I saw, still with Hey You.)

Shakira made a great fuss about this being the 100th show of the tour, while in Gato's list:

it's the 95th. Who's right ? (probably Gato, as 5 concerts were cancelled so far, so she may have forgotten to disregard those).

A few details that I either haven't noticed before or that may have changed:

- Don't Bother, is the electronic intro new or did I forget about it?
- ciega sordomuda: being quite far at the back this time, I had the benefit of seeing more of the light show, and realised that the array of lights behind the stage spelled out the words of the chorus ...

Wembley Arena has been refurbished since last time and works a bit better now, and the walk from Wembley Park tube station towards the brand new Wembley stadium is nice too, so I can't moan about the place as much as I used to ...

All in all, concert brilliant as always, setting better than expected.



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2007-03-19 13:32:47 GMT

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