The birds,

the bees, and

the platypuses


Michael Gross:
The birds, the bees, and the platypuses
Crazy, sexy and cool stories from science.
Wiley-VCH May 2008 (EU);
J. Wiley & Sons July 2008 (US)
pp. 248 + xi, ISBN: 978-3-527-32287-9,
$37.50 , £ 18.99 , € 24.90

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Table of Contents:


I. Crazy creatures

Squeezy little bears
Can we stomach the bugs bugging our stomachs?
Protein, edit thyself!
Magic bullets from the desert
Asparagine and old lace
Better reasons to kiss a frog
Health warning: your body may be unstable
All together now
So where is most of the Universe?
Y oh Y!
DNA toys
Resurrecting a billion year old protein
Donít stop me now
Cell jet printers
A frizzled inhairitance
How to eat without a stomach
Astronomy helps spotting whalesharks
Talk to your proteins
Ancient stowaway in our eyes
Deciphering the secrets of the Neanderthals
Eat isotopes and live longer
Virulence from the deep sea

II. Sexy science

Feel the heat
Mumís and Dadís
Gold clusters shine brightly
The green spark
Read my lips
You taste so sweet
A matter of taste
Let your love glow
Jacobsonís molecules
The science of the Simpsons
Elusive treasures
Eggs and sperms and rockíníroll
A Cuban success story
The birds, the bees and the platypuses
Our hairy cousins
Cupidís chemistry
Colombia after Columbus
Cheers to the wine genome

III. Cool technology

Life on the rocks
Colors of the quantum
Crystals made to measure
The incredible nanoplotter
Silencing the cacophony
From e-ink to e-paper
Spinning lessons
Traffic-light proteins
A cool receptor
Replicators lose their inhibitions
Biotronics: a collision of continents
The one-atom quantum computer
Twist and twirl
Multi-purpose DNA
Marveling at diatoms
Natureís warning signs
All on one chip
Platinum stories
Nanowires plugged into nerve cells
Towards the perfect biosensor
Hairy ball theorem untangles chemical problem
A liquid mirror for the moon




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